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10 ways to fall back in love with your home right now

10 ways to fall back in love with your home right now


With dark afternoons/nights winter fast approaching and winter looming we’re inevitably going to be spending more time indoors and therefore it’s important we’ve got a cosy nest to come home to. A few simple, cost-effective changes will ensure you’ve got a welcoming winter retreat.

Work from the outside in

A grand clear up in the garden at this time of year is always a good idea. It signifies the end of summer and as a ritual, it’s kind of like giving yourself permission to hibernate inside for the next few months until those first few snowdrops start to appear. Cutback overgrown shrubs, do any final bits of weeding, sweep up leaves and plant any bulbs you’d like to see next spring.

Look at your front door

Now isn’t the best time of year for a re-paint job but simple things like upgrading door furniture and cleaning paintwork will mean a warm welcome awaits each time you get home.

Lose the junk

Being surrounded by clutter creates stress and the knock on effect of this is that you ultimately won’t feel happy at home. Spending a little time now (and making sure everyone lends a hand) to clear paperwork, toys, clothes etc and create systems to keep things as tidy and organised as possible will mean that kicking off your shoes and snuggling up on the sofa is a truly pleasurable and relaxing experience

Upgrade your bedding

The only thing more lovely than snuggling up in freshly laundered bedding is snuggling into brand new freshly laundered bedding. What better time than when daylight is in short supply to treat yourself to a yummy new bedding set to give bedtimes and your bedroom a lift?



Splash some cash on cushions

Replacing and/or adding scatter cushions are an easy and cost-effective way of upgrading your sofa. Try mixing up textures and adding pops of colour to brighten up your room. Velvet and silk add opulence while faux fur and wool give a more earthy feel.


Accessorise your bathrooms

Renewing towels, defragging toiletries and adding some scented candles are all quick and easy ways of giving your bathroom that luxury spa-like feel

Take a look at your lighting

Replace any bulbs that don’t work and also think about adding some extra layers of lighting to see you through the winter months. Table lamps and up or down lighter floor lamps will create a cosy glow in any space.


Add some colour

Shades of beige tend to look rather grey and washed out in winter light so a coat of paint in a rich warm colour in your favourite space might be in order. Here are some of my favourites:

‘Brinjal’ by Farrow & Ball     


Hick’s blue – Little Greene paint company


And the Dulux colour of 2018 ‘Heartwood’

Embrace some ‘hygge

If you haven’t heard of the Danish term ‘hygge’ it roughly translates as cosiness. The Danes believe that having some ‘hygge’ in all aspects of your life will ultimately make you happier. In terms of the home think about candles, open fires, woolly jumpers and socks and having your closest friends round to relax


Make it glow

Nothing makes a room feel more welcoming than some ambient lighting and a few candles. Add subtle scent diffusers into the mix and you’ll soon have a home that only feels great but smells amazing too.