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Guest Blog: How a home stager can help sell your home for more

Guest Blog from Anthony Jones Properties


How a home stager can help sell your home for more

Whether you’re trying to achieve the best possible price or the quickest sale, most people know that simply erecting a ‘for sale’ sign and listing the property on the internet just isn’t enough.


In a sluggish market homeowners sometimes have to take extra steps to make a sale. For sellers trying to make a great impression, home staging is becoming a popular way to increase a home's selling price and decrease selling time

So why isn’t your home selling?

If your house isn’t selling or you’re not receiving the right offers, it may be a result of this common mistake.


First of all we all become inured to our living space and see things in a different way to when we walk into a house for the first time.


A lot of properties we view are cluttered, scruffy or filled with mismatched furnishings.


By cluttered we don’t necessarily mean they’re filled with hordes of boxes or collectables from the 80s, instead, we see surfaces filled with magazines or books, shoes scattered in the hallway and cereal boxes and Tupperware taking over kitchen countertops.


We also see children’s proud paintings attached to fridges, family photos in nearly every room and modern art pieces next to family heirlooms.


It’s very hard to detach yourself from your own home and notice the clutter and mismatch, but unfortunately, it’s the first thing that buyers see.


Why should you stage your home?

First of all, home staging is not the same as decorating. 


It really is the art of preparing and showcasing a property for sale. Preparing the property involves all or part of cleaning, de-cluttering, updating and repairing while showcasing is the process of arranging furniture, accessories, art and light. This can mean removing family photos, piles of newspapers and the cat's litter box, as well as adding neutral-coloured paint and neutral pieces. 

Buyers need to imagine themselves in your home… not imagine YOU in your home. 


It’s important that the house is presented as ‘hassle free’ as possible and ready to move into. Enlisting the help of a home stager really can make all the difference.



How a home stager can help

There are 3 factors relating to the saleability of a house. The location, the price and the condition. Location is pretty much fixed and not something that can be changed. The price normally reflects demand for a property type in the area.


The biggest variable is the condition. A home stager can give vital advice on how best to de-clutter and rearrange; how to best use light and space.


However, probably the biggest reason home staging can help sell a home is that it instantly connects the buyer to the home emotionally. Buying a home is an enormously emotional purchase – how often do people buy a house because it had a good ‘feel’ to it?


Emotions are what drive a sale because the decision will affect the buyer’s family, lifestyle and reputation. When a home stager depersonalises the house and ultimately thinks as a buyer would, to instil moments in time that connect to the buyer’s lifestyle, that increases the chances of a buyer getting emotionally attached and truly believing the house was made for them.
Empty properties struggle to sell and again, a stager can help by either arranging for furniture to be hire and brought in or bringing in their own pieces.


A good home stager can help showcase a house and the rooms for their intended purpose – to make it easy for the buyer to say ‘yes’.



Does a staged house sell for more? 

This is quite a complex topic. According to Rightmove, a well staged house is likely to achieve 8% more than an unstaged one. However, staging your home is likely to save you from a costly price reduction which could save you tens of thousands of pounds.


At Anthony Jones, we’re committed to achieving the best possible price in the shortest time. We offer Home Staging as part of our concierge package, which also includes featured advertising on Rightmove and property maintenance to make sure your house is in tip top condition when it goes on the market. 


You can find out more by clicking here.

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