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  • Does everyone have to like it
Does everyone have to like it?

Does everyone have to like it? 


This is an interesting question which has cropped up a number of times recently albeit in different contexts so let me explain... 


Having re-decorated a dining room for a lovely client of ours she subsequently asked us to re-decorate her hallway and staircase. You may think this was a reasonable request but we were slightly taken aback as she had already re-decorated these spaces only a few months prior to us completing her dining room. We hadn’t been involved in the hallway and staircase project, it was all our lovely clients’ own work, it looked great and she loved it. So why the request to change it? Well, it hadn’t received the same praise from family and friends as the dining room had that we were responsible for. In fact, one well-meaning friend had gone so far as to say she didn’t like it at all. 


Guess what? 


That’s absolutely ok (well perhaps the friend should have kept her thoughts to herself) but ultimately taste and style is personal. As I pointed out to my client – I could re-decorate the whole space but what I couldn’t do, can’t do, will never be able to do and wouldn’t want to do is to create something that everyone loves. That’s an impossible task and not how I work. 


Similarly, I was chatting to someone recently who had been at a friend’s house whose living room had been ‘done’ by an interior designer and their comment was: ‘It was awful!’ But was it? We all have our own version of ‘awful’ and if the client and designer were happy with the end result, that’s a win. 


So at GMW HQ as we’re in the process of a re-brand and re-doing our website, this questions pops up again. We are by nature our own worst critics and never is this more true than when it comes to your own branding and website; it is after all the world’s window into what you do. 


I’m loving that we’re no longer hiding behind a logo, that we’re a lot more colourful and that people can see who we are, what we do and how we do it. Will everyone like it? Probably not but that’s ok. 


As interior designer Bunny Williams once said: “If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule”.