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What’s the point?

What’s the point? 


For those of you who followed our 28-day Staging Tip Challenge, you’ll know I did a little video about this very question. 

‘Staging’ aka getting your house ready to go on the market may seem a pointless exercise. If you’re selling and moving on to pastures new what is the point of investing time and effort and possibly money into something that someone else will benefit from? I hear you but the benefits will be yours; in today’s market where buyers have high expectations (just like you) and where they’re very busy people (again just like you) what they’re looking for is somewhere that ‘warms their heart’, somewhere they immediately feel comfortable and where they can move in, get on with their busy lives and do a bit of decorating and putting their own stamp on the place when they choose. 

Moving house is high on the list of THE most stressful things to do but by starting early and ultimately being fully prepared you’re removing a lot of the stress. Not only that, it’s a great motivator and helps to keep your eyes on the finish line; a properly staged home will sell quickly and for the best possible price. What’s not to love? 

The other side of keeping the finish line is sight, or being aware of what the point is of what you’re doing is particularly relevant if your choosing to re-decorate or renovate prior to selling. Remember this won’t be an interior design exercise; it’s about keeping costs to a minimum and that doesn’t mean cutting corners and ‘bodging’ things, as you certainly won’t impress any potential buyers with that attitude. 

It’s about spending wisely, being creative, forgetting about your own personal style preferences and making choices that will appeal to the widest audience. If your style is rather unique and a bit quirky you may find yourself not actually liking the results and that’s ok. If you know you’ve created something that lots of potential buyers will love, that’s a win and it also means you’ll be able to put your own unique and slightly quirky stamp on your new home a lot more quickly. 


Another point to remember when it comes to renovating a property that you intend to sell, is your target market as in who will ultimately be your buyer. Developers can often get carried away with the process and over-specify finishes in terms of flooring and kitchen and bathroom fixtures which means they could be left out of pocket once the property has sold. Knowing who your potential buyers are and what their expectations are is key. That fundamentally is the point.