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It’s not all about the look

It’s not all about the look


The very thought of planning a project at home is enough to send a lot of people into a complete tailspin;

‘Where do you start?’ 

‘There’s just too much choice!’

‘By the time I get round to those all important finishing touches I’ve lost my mojo’

These are all things we hear on a regular basis at GMW HQ and we totally get that overwhelm.


Working out how you and your family use or are going to use a space is the first step; knowing your style and future-proofing your choices is also key but thinking about how you want a space to FEEL as well as look will mean the difference between re-creating something you’ve seen that you like and creating a space that TRULY reflects you and your family. This will make the space unique, as Dr. Seuss said: “No-one is youer than you!”


The actual execution of a project is in lots of ways the easy part. Yes there can be glitches with items not arriving on time, unforeseen problems with building works etc. but if the whole process has been planned in detail and you’re one hundred per cent sure of what you-re creating, putting all the pieces of the puzzle together is rather exciting.


Overwhelm and confusion come from uncertainty. You’ve bought all the magazines (and we encourage clients to do this so we have a greater understanding of their likes and dislikes) and you’ve lost hours if not days on Pinterest (and yes we encourage this as well albeit in moderation!) saving images of beautiful interiors. What’s important to remember is that images are only a two dimensional representation of a room or space; you get to see how it looks but you don’t get to ‘feel’ it. Remember that the majority of house purchases are emotional; it’s that unquantifiable feeling thing that you get and this happens within minutes. How you want a room to feel and how you go about creating that feeling will be different from lots of other people and that’s what makes our homes unique.


So yes, buy the magazines, spend some time on Pinterest but remember that it’s not just about the look.