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  • 25 Ways to instantly update your home
25 Ways to instantly update your home

25 Ways to instantly update your home


  1. Paint – the quickest and most cost-effective way of changing not only how a room looks but also how it feels
  2. Change your artwork – swap things around or make some time to finally frame those prints you’ve got lying around
  3. Upcycle some furniture – chalk paint is super easy to use and great for giving a new lease of life to tired-looking items
  4. Add a rug
  5. Change your scatter cushions and bring in different colours and textures
  6. Upgrade your door furniture
  7. Look at your lighting – remember lighting is most effective in layers
  8. Update your taps
  9. Move things around and just see how it looks
  10. Get creative with furniture – small chairs or apple crates make great bedside table – just an idea
  11. Add floor length curtains to instantly make a room feel cosier
  12. Update photographs and their frames
  13. Buy new bedding
  14. Replace towels
  15. Paint the ceiling in something other than white – think of it as a fifth wall
  16. Add plants to bring the outside in
  17. Use small vases, jars and other glass containers for flowers
  18. Add a mirror to instantly add more light
  19. Switch up your displays
  20. Paint bookcases the same colour as the walls to make the books a feature
  21. Get creative with your floors and paint or sand floorboards
  22. Add something black for instant glamour to any room
  23. Display a collection of your most precious things to tell a story
  24. Use paint creatively – think about a wall as a canvas; stripes, squares and sections of a wall in different colours are an easy way to add interest
  25. Add scents and candles for a little bit of hygge