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Darlington Bungalow
This 3-bedroom bungalow in the west end of Darlington had been on the market for around a year when the owners contacted GMW Interiors. Despite having reduced the asking price during that time, no interested buyers were forthcoming and the owners acknowledged that the modernisation the bungalow required was a stumbling block.

GMW Interiors coordinated the full refurbishment of the bungalow which included removing a wall between the kitchen and dining area and fitting a new kitchen, fitting a new boiler, replacing internal doors, removing a glass partition in the hallway to create an open plan living space and re-wiring of the property.

The bungalow was then re-decorated and new flooring was fitted throughout. Rental furniture and accessories were used to dress the key spaces: kitchen, living room and master bedroom. Once re-marketed at the original asking price an offer was accepted within 8 days. Another great result!


There are many ways to be astonished, but the difference between just selling an empty house or selling a “staged” one is staggering. Having worked with Gill Wilkinson of GMW Interiors, I have promised myself never to sell a house any other way.

In the case of our property is was a delightful three bedroomed, beautifully built and maintained bungalow, just a little “dated”. We were told by all that it would sell quickly at the appropriate price. However, we didn’t get a viable offer in a year even after significantly reducing the asking price. Having made contact with GMW Interiors, we took it off the market and Gill renovated and staged it. Within days of it being back on the market, and at the original asking price, it was sold.

Buyers ultimately need to appreciate and feel good about the property. Decorating and renovating the property the way Gill does simply removes any reason for buyers to reject the home. Moreover, she does all the work, as we were 2,500 miles away.

So, if you want to sell your house quickly rather than wait the usual six months and you are willing to make a small investment in order to do so, my strong recommendation is to ask GMW Interiors for advice, even before deciding on who should sell it for you. It is a very healthy return on your incremental investment.