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Beating Those Bedroom Blues

Bedrooms are often simple affairs and because they tend to be quite small and only seen by family members, it is easy to neglect them. 

When it comes to choosing new colours, fabrics and window dressings it can all feel rather self-indulgent. At the same time, you may feel this is the only space where you can truly express yourself so if your bedroom is due a makeover go ahead, release your inner designer and dare to be different.




More than just a place to sleep

Most bedrooms aren’t just for getting your head down at night. Make sure that your design and décor reflect how you want the room to be used and provide all the practical extras to make it possible. Don’t overlook storage – not just wardrobes and drawers, but bookcases, window seats, dressing tables and chests all provide useful storage space.


Look for the little things that will make the room stand out and think about adding extras like dressing tables, bedside units, storage trunks and even seating if the space allows. For an elegant bedroom, try playing with mirrors to create the illusion of light and space as well as to illuminate your morning make-up routine. Most furniture decisions are inevitably based around the position of the bed, but do make sure power points are available for those extras such as bedside lamps and the hairdryer.

Whether you have a walk-in closet, built in wardrobes or freestanding units, careful planning will help to keep clutter to a minimum as well as maximise space. Walk- in wardrobes and bespoke units make the most of the available space. Think about whether you like to keep your clothes neatly folded or if you prefer hanging space, and if you love keeping your shoes in boxes, remember to leave room at the bottom of the closet. If you don’t have space for a built in wardrobe, modern storage options such as clothes rails, hanging organisers, boxes and under bed drawers are a great alternative.

Don’t forget drawers so you can organise socks and ‘smalls’ and saving a drawer for yourself for all the things you just don’t have a place for is always a good idea.

When it comes to choosing colours restful is usually best for a bedroom. A brightly coloured room is great for kids to play in but it won’t help you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re aim is for a Zen-like retreat, you can always brighten it with accessories while keeping the rest of the room neutral and calming.

Shedding light

No matter how you use your bedroom, you need good lighting. You can opt for ceiling lights, an opulent chandelier or spotlights, adding a dimmer switch to control light levels and change the mood. Add lamps to bedside tables, illuminate mirrors with spotlights or wall fixtures that direct the light downward.


The main event

Last but not least – don’t forget the bed. The focal point of any bedroom, always think about the space available when choosing its size as you need to allow for enough space to walk around it as well as being able to open drawers and wardrobe doors freely. Adding a sumptuous upholstered headboard, pillows, cushions and throws in accent colours and different patterns and textures will make the space interesting and depending on your choices,