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The Brilliant Benefits of Fitted Furniture

The Brilliant Benefits of Fitted Furniture 

Guest blog from Hartelys

Every tiny detail in our homes should be constructed as we’d like it to be. There’s no use planning and spending an armload of cash if you find something’s just… ‘off’, a spatial discrepancy that’s really tricky to get around. That’s why fitted furniture is far superior to its freestanding counterparts, moulding into the exact topography of your rooms and boosting your property value.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes fitted furniture so brilliant…


Maximising your dimensions

Foremost on the tailored furniture agenda is how much stuff you can actually fit into a bedroom, hallway, study or social area as a result of clever space-saving. By being tactical, and drawing up a ‘to-the-inch’ blueprint of what will go where, your floors will be wide open for any other standing features you want to implement.


Living rooms, therefore, will be less crowded when guests are present; the same goes for corridors in the home, which may need shoe racks, coat stands and side tables for lamps without limiting two or more people strolling through at a time. Fitted furniture maximises your dimensions, giving you greater flexibility with the room.


Dealing with unusual angles

Period homes and loft conversions can present challenges to interior design. Chances are your furniture will clash with awkward slopes on the ceiling or intrusive wall columns. But instead of wishing for an easier room layout, why not indulge in fitted furniture, which overcomes unusual angles with ease?


A fitted wardrobe, for instance, can slot right into the arch of an overhead gradient, even if it has to worm around roof beams and the like. What’s more, the expressionist appearance of such furnishing is an eye-catcher; people will find it hard not to marvel at the completely personalised shape you’ve pulled off.


A worthwhile investment


Although it may not be on your mind right now, selling up is something to think about. Growing demand for housing means that your bricks and mortar are worth more than they ever have been in the past. And fitted furniture, quite simply, adds extra pound signs to your investment for years to come.


That’s because a homebuyer will look as hard as they can for room features that won’t take much work to call their own. A fitted kitchen unit, or bespoke lounge cabinets, are just some of the plus points you’ll add to the property as a whole. In this sense, the up-front cost of installing fitted pieces will be given back two or three-fold when the time comes to move somewhere else.


By now, it’s clear to see just what tailored furnishing can bring to your interior, but we can’t just stop there! Your next step will be to ascertain just what you’re going to go for, taking expert advice on a range of contemporary and classic styles. For such a service, look no further than Hartleys, a leading supplier of fitted furniture for homes in Yorkshire and beyond…