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How well dressed are your windows?

How well dressed are your windows?

When making decisions about your home the options can appear endless and choosing window dressings is no exception.

On a large renovation project they are often left as an afterthought so it’s important to allow for window treatments within the budget particularly if you are looking for something hand made and bespoke.


Consider how you use the space – think about the practicalities of dressing kitchen and bathroom windows – and also how you want the space to look and feel. Also bear in mind that certain window shapes and styles will inevitably determine your choice of window treatments.


So with all that in mind let’s look at the options available:


The natural choice for most people in the majority of rooms. Off the shelf, ready-made options can be relatively inexpensive although our windows are rarely standard sizes so alterations may be necessary. If you’ve set your heart on made to measure curtains and the budget allows, you can have full control over the finished items. Are you hankering after full-length, interlined curtain that puddle on the floor for a truly sumptuous look or is your style more sleek and contemporary? If you have a large feature window and privacy isn’t an issue you may choose simple ‘dress’ curtains, which soften the edges of the window recess but can’t be closed.  This is also an option when there is a radiator beneath a window; a blind can provide privacy and dress curtains can be used for a more luxurious look.

Roman blinds

A classic choice that will never date. Roman blinds are less utilitarian than roller blinds but offer the same functionality. They are great when space is at a premium and fitted simply inside a recess in a neutral fabric can enhance the beauty of a period property. Alternatively, when finished in an eye-catching fabric and teamed with floor length curtains they can be the focal point of a room.

Roller blinds

Come in an array of colours, patterns and fabrics and are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Sheer fabrics can be used for privacy during the day without compromising on natural daylight and a black out fabric is a good choice for bedrooms.


Another timeless choice for your windows giving you the flexibility to adjust the amount of light you let into a room. Full length and half-length options are available and shutters are great for awkward shaped windows – even curved ones.


Finding the right look for your windows can really make a difference to a room, so take a bit of time and have fun with different ideas.