Clutter takes up physical space in a home and also psychological ‘headspace’. Clearing clutter can be both therapeutic and liberating; you will spend less time looking for elusive belongings and your home will be clutter free and organised.

De-cluttering is a vital part of preparing your property ready for sale but it can also be necessary at other times in our lives:

  • Children have left home but leave their excess baggage
  • Inheriting a mountain of personal effects from a relative
  • A room that has become a communal ‘dumping ground’
  • Simply owning too much stuff and no time to deal with it

GMW Interiors offers a complete De-clutter and Home Organisation service whether it be prior to a house move or simply because you cannot face the task alone. We will guide you through each room or particular space, eliminating problems with you and providing effective storage solutions.

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